Some of the gravest threats we face are the ones that just keep coming back. See strategies nature has developed to survive and even thrive through relentless adversity.

Some of the harshest challenges all organisms face are the ones that just keep coming back. However, recurring threats can elicit unique responses that actually build strength, allowing organisms to shift from mere survival to prosperity in the face of ongoing struggles.

Explore some of the many ways nature develops resilience in individuals, communities, and whole ecosystems in the collection below. You’ll see physical defenses built up at the micro and macro levels, small groups that defend larger populations, and protected reserves that can weather the storm and repopulate devastated areas. There are also examples of how resilience is gained by individuals through their communities, when connections and communication allow for wide distribution of isolated resources.

The common thread through all these functions is that they are not one-time-use defenses. By their very nature they provide for sustained survival in the face of often relentless hardships.