Q&A and networking forum for coaches enrolled in the Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge.


This is a private group for coaches enrolled in the Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge hosted by the Biomimicry Institute. The purpose of this space is provide a forum for questions and connections between and among program participants and staff at the Institute.


Institute staff and collaborators will be monitoring the group and providing real time answers and feedback to your questions. We also hope that you will also use this space to connect with one another to share ideas and support each other.


How to use this group

  • Post comments, questions, or just say “Hi” in the forum on the “ACTIVITY’ page.
  • To reply to a comment, click the left-facing arrow button beneath the message.
  • To “tag” (address a comment to) a specific user in a message, type their username with the “@” symbol in front of it in message box.
  • To share who you are with the group, fill out your AskNature profile. You can edit your profile from the user menu accessed by hovering over your user icon in the upper right corner of the site.
  • To share documents or resources with the community, upload them to the “Documents” page of the group from the menu above. Be sure to post a message in the forum alerting everyone to what you have shared!


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