Ant-inspired disaster relief and rescue

Edit Hook

The A.N.T. system is envisioned as a solution for disaster relief. Combining aid transport, temporary shelters, and rescue operations into a single system offers compelling opportunities. The A.N.T. is a creative project that realized the different needs of retrieval and cargo delivery could be satisfied with different vehicular postures. The novel suspension, driver seating, and whole concept solution add fresh insight into a persistent human challenge.

Key Differentiators

Most disaster relief solutions involve large, static-state transit vehicles that must deploy aid and return empty to the aid delivery hub. Temporary shelters are items that must be delivered separately. The A.N.T. concept developed multi-state delivery vehicles to more effectively accomplish cargo delivery and return trips. The cargo units can also function as structural features, doubling their utility.

Biomimicry Story

Ants are models for their capacity to carry cargo many times their size and weight. Moreover, ants traverse complex terrain on paths to and from points of delivery/acquisition and the hive. The form of the vehicle also directly mimicks the form of the ant, with six wheels, and an abdomen-like cargo attachment.

Challenges Solved

Troubled relief aid distribution, disaster terrain challenges, emergency housing and structures, inadequate re-purposing of other solutions to disaster scenarios.

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