Targeted filtration technology traps and kills microbes

Edit Hook

(from company website)”[A] revolutionary technology which traps & kills viruses and bacteria on contact. This molecular technology can be applied to substrates such as rayon and cotton textile fibre.”Watch video on Filligent’s ‘intelligent filtration’ process here

Key Differentiators

“By targeting only the dangerous elements, BioFriend’s intelligent filtration technology optimizes breathability and comfort.”

Biomimicry Story

“BioFriend™ captures microbes by mimicking the sites on human cells to which they normally attach, [and then] destroys them by disrupting their surfaces (viruses) and cell walls (bacteria).”

Challenges Solved

“BioFriend™ inactivates pathogens including those that can cause Influenza A, H1N1, H5N1, SARS, measles, pneumonia, common colds, herpes, MRSA and gastroenteritis…With its ability to kill a broad range of microbes, while applied to various substrates, BioFriend™ naturally lends itself to multiple applications across consumer products. BioFriend™ keeps items of everyday personal use, prone to bacterial and viral contamination, safe and clean.”

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