Net-less system to catch fish

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A system comprising bubble-making chambers, ballast, and conducting and floating tubes is operated from a boat and used to form an underwater wall of bubbles that enables schools of fish to be trapped and subsequently caught by means of a suction pump.

Key Differentiators

The great innovation lies in the absence of nets, which are responsible for approximately 90% of all cetacean strandings (dolphins and whales washed on shore), as well as unwanted capture of turtles and other non-target or threatened aquatic species. This new net-less technology brings a positive influence on the quality of fish caught, economy and ecology.

Biomimicry Story

The system mimics the feeding behavior used by humpback whales to capture their prey by reproducing the strategy of using walls of bubbles to corral fish.

Challenges Solved

The bubble-net system minimizes ecological impacts traditionally associated with fishing nets, i.e., capture and death of non-target species and cetacean strandings in operating and phantom nets. The system allows fish to be sorted according to species and size while still alive.

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