The greenest commercial building in the world

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The Bullitt Center is a 50,000 sq ft building located in Seattle, Washington that is made entirely from locally sourced, non-toxic materials. The structure generates its own energy, harvests its own water, and process all waste on-site.

Solar panels on top of the building generate 230,000 kWh per year, which is now more energy than is used by the building itself. The panels also funnel rainwater into the building, where it is filtered until it is clean enough to drink.

Watch a video on the design of the Bullitt Center:

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“This report is an effort to provide building owners, designers and builders with useful lessons to inform the creation of the next generation of super high performance buildings. It illustrates some of the critical elements of both the integrated design process that guided the building’s development and construction, as well as the integrated design systems employed in the building. This includes how the design and construction team was organized, and the iterative, synthetic design process used in its creation. The process of integrated design is aimed at creating a building that operates as an integrated system, a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Individual energy efficiency measures are not discrete strategies, and can neither be added nor subtracted without disrupting the whole, since each measure is a part of an intertwined system of architectural and mechanical elements working in concert to achieve very high levels of performance” (Peña 2014:3).

Living Proof: The Bullitt CenterUniversity of Washington Center for Integrated DesignJuly 1, 2014
Peña, Rob

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