Biofluids for solar heating

Edit Hook

This product is centered around proprietary fluids that replace the industry standards in black polypropylene solar heaters. Since the difference is in the fluids, this product is suitable for retrofits that do not require new infrastructure. Future research revolves around other characteristics of heat-transfer fluids that could have broader markets in electronics cooling and heat-pumps, among others.

Key Differentiators

The company was founded upon demonstrating a 400% improvement in solar thermal collection in cloudy conditions. The company uses proprietary fluids and collectors. Moreover, the fluids are environmentally benign, non-toxic, and more cost-effective. Future research focuses on improving properties of heat transfer, heat capacity and viscosity for heat-exchange processes, which can be used in many different markets.

Biomimicry Story

The founder of the company began as a bioengineering student studying microfluidics and biofluids. His experiences exposed him to unique thermal properties of certain biofluids. Solar thermal heating was a logical outgrowth, and the first market sector they are targetting.

Challenges Solved

Solar heat collection in cloudy conditions. Improved solar heater performance.

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