Water bottle collects dew

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Inspired by the fog-gathering technique of the Namib desert beetle, the Dew Bank Bottle is designed to harvest water from the air. Designed by Kitae Pak, the stainless steel, dome-shaped invention resembles the desert beetle's body. The Dew Bank Bottle is meant to be placed outside in the evening, allowing the steel body to cool. In the morning, when the surrounding air begins to warm, water droplets condense on the cool surface of the bottle. The dewdrops collected are then channeled down ridges in the surface design to an enclosed circular holding chamber for drinking water. The designer, Kitae Pak, expects that this device could gather enough moisture for a full glass of water per use. Such a product could be particularly useful in arid environments where fresh drinking water is scarce, and has potential as a scaled-up version for greater water output.

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