Shark-inspired "skin" for cars improves gas mileage

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The car covering is covered with tiny divots that create a layer of turbulent air over the entire FastSkinz surface. Similar to the way that divots on a golf ball cause it to fly farther, this turbulent layer of air reduces the drag on the vehicle and therefore increases gas mileage.

Key Differentiators

Most strategies used in the motor vehicle industry to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency focus on the use of airfoils and overall body shape of the vehicle to reduce drag. FastSkinz MPG-Plus is an additional strategy that focuses on reducing drag over the entire surface area of the vehicle. The product has a minimum 5-year life span and can increase fuel efficiency on any type of vehicle including electric vehicles.

Biomimicry Story

Shark skin is covered with tiny scale-like protrusions called dermal denticles. These act to make tiny divots all over the sharks body. These small dimples become what are known as "turbulators" meaning they cause turbulence of the layer of water that is surrounding the shark's body. When the shark is swimming, this turbulent layer of water can reduce drag.

Challenges Solved

Air drag causing inefficient fuel consumption in vehicles.

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