Using reflection of radiant energy, heater focuses heat on area below its source

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This is a spot heater that focuses radiant heat onto users, rather than heating an entire space.As quoted from Optics was founded in 1985 near Seattle, Washington by inventor/entrepreneur Roger Johnson to capitalize on his lobster-eye inspired compound reflective lens that uniquely focuses and directs infrared energy. Early attempts to sell or license the lens to other heater manufacturers were unsuccessful so over the years Johnson and his team developed and marketed a complete line of gas, then electric heaters, fitted with the patented IRLens™ to allow customers and partners to develop and implement highly energy efficient spot heating thermal comfort solutions. Over the years, tens of thousands of HotZone™ heaters have been sold into factories, warehouses, arenas, stores and residences. Airborne Express/DHL, Home Depot and Weirton Steel are significant customers of Radiant Optics. In 2008, Johnson exclusively licensed the assets of Radiant Optics to Schaefer Ventilation of Sauk Rapids, MN and formerly one of Radiant Optics' most successful resellers.  They have access to capital and other strengths of a larger company to enable the future growth and commercialization of the HotZone™ brand. This link will take you to Schaefer Ventilation's home website.

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