As-needed tile replacement saves resources

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i2™ Modular Carpet is a line of carpet tiles featuring a random, nondirectional pattern and gradations of colors. These design features allow for individual tile replacement as needed, without worrying about matching patterns or dye lots.

Key Differentiators

Standardization has been the operating principle of interchangeability of parts in human-made manufacturing since the Industrial Revolution. However, standardization in carpet tile design and color made matching of replacement tiles with pre-existing carpet extremely difficult. When traditional broadloom carpet becomes dirty or damaged, entire rolls of carpet are replaced and carted off to landfills, resulting in greater waste, as even tiles in good condition had to be replaced for aesthetic reasons. i2™ carpet tiles can be replaced individually and many of the components can be recycled by InterfaceFLOR, resulting in significant reductions in wastes and costs. The intentional color variations eliminate common concerns over dye lots, meaning that consumers no longer need to purchase large quantities of “attic stock” in order to ensure matching replacement tiles. The non-directional pattern also results in installation savings, resulting in only 1.5% average installation waste versus 14% average for broadloom carpet.

Biomimicry Story

Designers for InterfaceFLOR were challenged to think about how nature would design flooring. They found that no matter how you rearrange the elements of a forest floor – the leaves, twigs, etc. – the forest floor still looks seamless and natural. i2™ Modular Carpet tiles from InterfaceFLOR are now manufactured so that no two tiles are identical, and can be retrofitted with much greater success and ease than tiles that are aesthetically standardized.

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