Spiral Flight Inspired Hovering Aircraft

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"The wing of the vehicle is designed to function in the same way as natural samara and performs a stable autorotation during descent. The propulsive section of the vehicle functions like the tail rotor on a helicopter, though instead of preventing rotation, (as in the case of a helicopter), it maintains rotation (to allow it to hover)."

Key Differentiators

Existing functions include aerial surveillance or remote sensing. These are typically done with expensive aircraft, or professional pilots. As a micro-copter the change in platform and cost allows significant savings of energy and materials for similar performance. It reduces the need for professional training, and removes heavy and costly equipment.

Biomimicry Story

Through careful study of how a maple seed behaves as it spirals through the air the scientists were able to understand what aspects of the micro-copter should use the mono-wing design and what aspects needed a different solution. Until this was understood, all micro-copters based on single wing designs were unstable. Because of this, the research team has designed the smallest known microcopter.

Challenges Solved

Stabilized flight for mono-wing micro craft.

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