Pipeline leak sealer results in faster response times

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Platelet Technology™ was discovered by engineer Dr. Ian McEwan when he cut his finger on a sheet of paper. It is an innovative way of sealing and locating leaks in a single integrated process, based on how human blood carries platelets to the surface of a wound to stop the bleeding. Whereas conventional leak sealing techniques require direct access to the leak, Platelet technology can be implemented remotely, mimicking the healing process in the human body to work with the pressure in the pipeline and seal from the inside."Platelets® are an innovative means of sealing leaks in fluid flow applications such as pipelines, umbilicals and other items of system infrastructure. Platelets® are free floating, discrete particles which are injected into a system which has a known or suspected defect. The Platelets® are transported downstream with the flow in the system and when they reach a leak fluid forces entrain them into it thus providing a seal. This unique and innovative concept is based on the method the human body uses to heal wounds and can be optimised for a wide variety of fluid flow applications." (from Brinker website, inactive)The company takes its name from Hans Brinker, the hero of Haarlem who, legend has it, used his finger to plug a leaking dyke which threatened to engulf the Dutch town.

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