Heat trapping system for thermoses

Edit Hook

This product is essentially a skin for thermoses in order to insulate them and to especially keep colder water away from the surface of the thermos which can rapidly induce heat loss. This system simulates blubber with insulation in between two layers of fake leather skins. In the skin is dense faux fur which traps a layer of hot air, and on top are the synthetic plastic woven fibers which are hollow to battle the elements and keep water out. This fabric is sewn so that a thermos can sit inside like a cup holder with a top that zips around, so thermoses can easily be put in and taken out.

Key Differentiators

This product works in terms of sustainability because if liquids stay warmer, there is less of a need to continue to use energy to make the liquids warm again. Also, it has a layer system which traps heat more thoroughly than the metal on regular thermoses.

Biomimicry Story

This product is inspired by polar bear fur, and simulates that system of retaining heat and also battling the elements. Polar bears swim in Arctic waters, but their fur actually sheds water so well that their skin never actually gets wet when they are swimming. Clearly, they are an inspiration for natural heat retention and water resistance.

Challenges Solved

Often thermoses lose heat too quickly. This would help retain heat. More importantly, holding a thermos on a cold day makes your hands cold because they are typically made of some sort of metal. The Polar Thermos Cozy has a water shedding system, which is incorporated into fur, which is significantly warmer to the touch.

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