Bacterial wastewater treatment using bacterial biofilms

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Each Poo-Gloo device is six feet in diameter, three feet high, and sits on a foot-tall base. Seven smaller plastic domes sit within this structure. They are lined with biofilm, and host heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria that process the wastewater. Circulatory tubing moves wastewater and air over the microbial community at optimized intervals. These devices are additions to wastewater systems that must become compliant with stricter standards.

Key Differentiators

The main difference is cost. Adding this system is orders of magnitude cheaper than installing a full wastewater system. Additionally, the design of housings and circulation improves the effectiveness of the extant system. A system of one horsepower can replace a 40-60 horsepower system and also exceed its performance.

Biomimicry Story

The objective of the Poo-Gloos is to provide an attractive home for bacterial biofilms. In much the same way as animal guts house an ecosystem consisting of symbiotic microbes, these structures employ an ecosystem of natural denizens who view wastewater as a tasty treat. Poo-Gloos use organisms to mimic an ecosystem.

Challenges Solved

Cost-effective management of ammonia and nitrogen products.

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