Artificial trees that convert wind energy and electromagnetic waves from the sun via its Nanoleaf technology

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Solar Botanic is the first company to introduce a new dimension of cost reduction by combining two energy resources, solar and wind energy, into one system based on nature's design–biomimicry. The surface of the Earth receives solar radiation energy at an average of 81,000 terawatt – exceeding the whole global energy demand by a factor of 5,000. Plants have been harnessing some of this energy with maximum efficiency for billions of years through the photosynthetic cycle of their leaves. Solar Botanic plans to mimic the same process using electromagnetic collectors also known as “Nantennas”, which offer lower-costs and improved efficiency (up to 92%) over conventional silicon-based solar cells. Continuing advances in electromagnetic collectors will have a significant impact by increasing output, reducing costs per kWh and improve ROI (return on investment) of solar/wind-based renewable energy deployments, both of which are key challenges facing the renewable energy industry today.

Key Differentiators

Solar Botanic's artificial trees mimic the architectural design of trees and shrubs, and use knowledge about the roles trees play in photosynthesis.

Challenges Solved

Clean, carbon-free and renewable, combined solar and wind power is a resource that can energize the future. This new biomimetic solar/wind technology is under development. The benefits of combined solar and wind power are now entirely within reach. Rising energy costs, energy security and concerns about the environment are speeding the investments of hybrid technologies such as combined solar wind as a significant component of the world’s power generation. Researchers are collaborating to solve the critical challenges that remain. Solar Botanic's quest is to supply a significant portion of all electricity with combined solar wind power within the coming years.

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