Single blade fan delivers gentle breeze efficiently

Edit Hook

A one blade ceiling fan moulded in plastic with a design inspired by the shape of a falling sycamore tree seed pod.

Key Differentiators

The aerodynamic blade design and low operating speed make the Sycamore Ceiling Fan very energy efficient when compared with the conventional flat fan blades used on most ceiling fans, which require high operating speeds (typically 80-220 rpm) to achieve high airflow, creating high turbulence and wind noise.

Biomimicry Story

The Sycamore ceiling fan design was inspired by the beauty of a falling sycamore tree seed pod. The balance between the weight of the seed and the length of the single wing is accurately matched, enabling the seeds to auto rotate smoothly during free fall.  

Challenges Solved

The specially designed aerofoil profile provides high air flow for cooling with low turbulence and minimal wind noise while operating at low speeds of 80-160 rpm.

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