Adaptable electric scooter fits in its environment

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This scooter concept fits right in by changing all the time. Its frame adjusts to fit the size and preferences of its user. The lightweight textile body can change with fashion.Moreover, its flexible body changes shape when the wind changes direction. The textile protects you from the wind, with a minimum of material.

Challenges Solved

Electric scooters can fit in a sustainable system. However, their construction is still based on unsustainable product development approaches. Applying biomimicry to product development means designing products that are an integral part of and therefore make a positive contribution to their dynamic environment, just like an organism does in its ecosystem.Electric scooters are built to last in an environment that doesn't. Therefore they become invaluable. The Fit stays valuable by evolving together with its environment, on several time scales: by adapting to the wind, to fashion, to growing or changing users, and to changing product portfolios. All of its parts can be reused in new scooters, or finally recycled into new products.By looking at nested and modular structures in nature, an adaptable frame could be made that uses one single part several times.Ligaments connecting bones to form skeletons, inspired the construction of the textile body: The textile acts as the ligaments that pull together their own "ribcage", while the ribs on their turn shape the textile body.

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