Hexagonal tube mattress made from green materials

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Spaldin Sleep Systems adheres to a strong environmental ethos concerning materials safety, responsible sourcing of materials, and product footprint. The Tubes 84 mattress builds on this heritage by taking inspiration from honeycombs to construct a supportive, lightweight, and well aerated mattress.

Key Differentiators

Spaldin is particularly responsible with materials sourcing and manufacturing, and does a commendable job choosing plant-based and organic materials. The Tubes 84 mattress in particular eliminates unnecessary material through a hexagonal architecture.

Biomimicry Story

Honeybees evolved an efficient hive architecture based on hexagonal structural systems. The designers at Spaldin took heed of this pattern to design this airy, supportive mattress. Good air circulation and support are now available to sleepers, courtesy of beehive-inspired design.

Challenges Solved

Mattress bulkiness, poor air circulation in mattresses, weight distribution and support.

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