Platelets Leak Mitigation Sealant from Seal‑Tite International uses free‑floating, discrete particles to seal leaks at unknown locations.


  • Rapidly prevents leaks
  • Reduces unnecessary loss of fluid


  • Pipes in commercial or residential buildings
  • Water & chemical industries

UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

The Challenge

Leaks from pipes and other equipment can incur large costs and be harmful to the environment. Leaks are often in inaccessible and ambiguous locations, and common sealants have to be applied by someone at the exact location of the leak.

Innovation Details

Platelets® are free floating, discrete particles that are injected into the leaky pipe. The particles flow with the liquid, and when they reach the location of the leak, the fluid force of the leak pulls them to the side of the pipe, forming a sealant to seal the leak.