NanoSphere from Schoeller is a textile finishing technology that is resistant to water, dirt, and oils, providing a natural self‑cleaning effect.


  • Water, dirt, and oil repellent
  • Reduced waste


  • Textiles
  • Clothing
  • Upholstery

UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

  • Goal 9: Industry Innovation & Infrastructure

The Challenge

Textiles naturally absorb water and trap dirt particles, as the larger contact area allows them to adhere better. In order to clean these textiles, companies and consumers oftentimes use harmful chemicals. This creates unnecessary toxic waste and decreases the lifetime of the material.

Innovation Details

NanoSphere® is a textile finishing technology that alters the surface of textiles by creating nanostructures that form fine peaks on the surface, similar to lotus leaves. Water, dirt and oil remain on the peaks of the nanostructures and cannot adhere to the textile, providing a natural self-cleaning effect. Dirt or oil particles simply roll off or can be rinsed off with water.

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Biomimicry Story

Lotus plants stay dirt-free, an obvious advantage for an aquatic plant living in typically muddy habitats. The surface of the lotus leaf contains microscopic bumps that prevent water molecules from adhering to the surface. Instead, the water rolls right off, and picks up any dirt or oil on the surface of the lotus leaf along the way.