Mercedes-Benz modeled a car on the boxfish. Only it completely misunderstood the boxfish. This article explores how new research reshaped our understanding of the “boxfish swimming paradox.”

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The 2005 Mercedes-Benz Bionic “fish car” is an often-cited, yet flawed, example of bionics and biomimicry. This article explores why the wobbly, boxfish would be a better candidate for a spinning top than a car.

Learn the interesting science behind how the boxfish swim and read about how the instability is one of boxfish greatest assets, allowing it to whirl around on the reef.

The article highlights that our understanding of the natural world is constantly changing. It is important that students, as well as teachers, are aware of how scientific advances can affect the way we use nature as inspiration for ideas and problem-solving.

For more information about the boxfish and how it swims, check out this Strategy page on AskNature.

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