This website is packed with resources for learning about biology including “Ask a Question” where students and teachers may post questions for biologists, a Teacher’s Toolbox, a collection of podcasts and videos, and lots more.

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Ask a Biologist has assembled a wealth of resources for students and teachers over a wide range of education levels. Many of these resources will be useful for looking for biological strategies for biomimicry projects. The Ask a Question area lets students or teachers pose questions to biologists, who strive to provide answers within 72 hours. To avoid getting bogged down with questions, they provide guidelines and links to resources to check out first for more basic questions. The Teacher’s Toolbox has a search tool to narrow down a search by education level and article types (e.g., activities, experiments, games, stories) and there’s a search field. Another great resource is the Listen and Watch section that has almost 100 podcasts and almost 30 videos. In the podcasts, there’s a list of topics covered in each interview with Dr. Biologist so a listener can skip around in the podcast and find sections to listen to again. There are other sections with written stories about research, and a place where you can click on stories in other languages (most are in French and Spanish).

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