Big changes are coming to technology and today’s young children will benefit. This blog post suggests parents learn about biomimicry and nanotechnology and encourage young children to explore the natural world.

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Jennifer Jones, founder of Green Ivy Schools in New York City, has a blog called Parenting for the Future: A Guide for Parents of Digital Natives. In this post, she stated that biomimicry “…isn’t a new concept per se, but it is now officially a discipline and a rapidly growing one because the technology that supports it is becoming more sophisticated, and it has the potential to yield solutions for sustainable design and climate change.” Today’s young children are poised to take advantage of these advances and teachers and educators should make opportunities for them to follow their innate fascination with nature.

This blog post comes with links to examples of biomimicry, a video of Biomimicry expert Janine Benyus, and a link to the fun, but graphic, series of videos called Monster Bug Wars.

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