Graphics, video, and other resources for teaching about evolution and how all life on Earth is related.

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The science of evolution is important to biomimicry. A key idea behind why we should look to nature for design ideas is that the organisms alive today are a product of 3.8 billion years of evolution and represent strategies and adaptations that work with the current conditions of our planet.

The tree of life graphic from Evogeneao (along with other resources on the website) is a useful tool for teaching about evolution, demonstrating how all life is related, and illustrating how modern humans are a relatively recent arrival.

Visit the “Teach” section of the website for suggestions for bringing Evogeneao into your classroom.

Visit the Tree of Life Explorer for an interactive animated version of the tree of life that shows the cousin relationship and common ancestry between any two branches.

Learn how the Evogeneao tree of life expresses our relationship to all the creatures on Earth in this video:

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