In this 3 hour online course, you will learn the core philosophy and key elements of biomimicry as practiced by the consultancy Biomimicry 3.8.

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“The Introduction to Biomimicry: Foundational Course was specifically developed for everyone–no matter their discipline or background–wanting to take the first step in understanding and developing a practice in biomimicry. Enroll today, choose which habitat makes you feel most alive, then cruise through 3+ hours of fresh content where you’ll learn the basics of biomimicry from Dr. Dayna Baumeister. You’ll quickly discover that biomimicry is more than just looking at the shape of a flower or dragonfly and becoming newly inspired. It’s a methodology that’s being used by some of the most innovative organizations in the world.

After completing the course, you’ll have access to download a biomimicry course pack containing recommended resources, course screenshots, and next steps for continuing on your journey to change the world.”

GBCI Approved Course
COURSE NUMBER: 0090009143


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