A week long unit for middle school students, presented with a climate change case study.

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This week-long unit, developed in 2009, teaches middle school children about biomimicry through a powerpoint presentation, outdoor exercises, and then by giving students the opportunity to explore their own biomimetic solutions to sustainability challenges. Some of the components in these units can be used independently, or for a 1 or 2-day introduction as well.

This unit is similar to the basic middle school Introduction to Biomimicry unit, but uses an in-depth case study on climate change to augment the material.

This lesson met the following National Science Education Standards when it was published:

  1. Science Content Standard C for Grades 5-8: Structure and Function in Living Systems
  2. Science Content Standard E for Grades 5-8: Science and Technology
  3. Science Content Standard F for Grades 5-8: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
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  • Provide students with an introduction to what biologically-inspired technology is.

  • Demonstrate how biologically-inspired technology is both important and fascinating.

  • Provide students with an exercise in researching their own biomimetic solutions to human challenges.

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