Learn the fundamentals of biomimicry and Life's Principles in this series of 3 online courses.

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Learn Biomimicry’, a new, online course offering created by BiomimicrySA (South Africa) in partnership with the Biomimicry Institute, is an affordable training that delivers short, easy-to-follow videos, information-rich handbooks, accessible from any device. There is also a certificate of completion that provides the recognition for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, tools, and terminology of biomimicry. The online courses couples well with the Institute’s Biomimicry Global Design Challenge to offer people a guided practice that results in a nature-inspired design solution.

Learn Biomimicry’ launches with three initial course offerings: Introduction to Biomimicry, Biomimicry Life’s Principles (the deep design lessons found in nature), and a Biomimicry Masterclass, which advances the learnings from the first courses and explores what the world could look like if Biomimicry Thinking was applied at the systems levels. Classes can be purchased separately or in a package

Each course comes with vivid case studies of existing organizations that are revolutionizing the fields of product design, life-friendly chemistry, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, land rehabilitation, materials engineering, architecture, city planning, civil engineering, water management, hygiene and medicine, industrial design, building materials, business models, and more. 

The course was designed by Claire Janisch, Biomimicry Professional and founder of BiomimicrySA, and Jessica Berliner, Biomimicry Practitioner and Communication designer. The courses are also enriched with film content and ongoing support from ReWild Africa, and the content development was sponsored by Exxaro Resources. 

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