Map of Life provides information about convergent evolution, when unrelated organisms evolve similar adaptations to similar environmental or selective pressures. This is a great resource when looking for biological strategies that are used repeatedly in the natural world.

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Students and professionals looking for repeating biological strategies will find lots of examples in Map of Life: Convergent Evolution Online. According to the website:

The purpose of the Map of Life is to document diverse examples of evolutionary convergence from throughout the living world, based on information from peer-reviewed journals and other scientific literature. Each example of convergence is connected by an array of links to other related topics, creating an extensively cross-referenced database. Moving around the pages of the site allows you to effectively explore the fascinating nature of convergent evolution and what it tells us about predictability in biological systems.

The name “Map of Life” reflects the way that evolution has repeatedly arrived at, or converged upon, the same adaptive solutions from more or less unrelated starting points, as though evolutionary trajectories were following a metaphorical “map” to the same destination.

Users can learn about convergent evolution and browse through different examples with links to articles.

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