High resolution biosonar of dolphins, bats and mole rats gives an accurate imaging by using real-time data processing.

“Biosonar animals send ultrasonic sounds called ‘pings’ into the
environment. The shape of the returning signals, or echoes, determines
how these animals ‘see’ their surroundings, helping them to navigate or
hunt for prey. In a matter of tens of milliseconds, the neurons in the
animal’s brain are capable of a full-scale analysis of their
surroundings represented in three dimensions, with little energy
consumption. Even with the aid of a supercomputer, which consumes
thousands of times more energy, humans cannot produce such an accurate
picture, Prof. Intrator says…’Animals explore pings with multiple filters or receptive fields, and we
have demonstrated that exploring each ping in multiple ways can lead to
higher accuracy,’ he explains. ‘By understanding sonar animals, we can
create a new family of ultrasound systems that will be able to explore
our bodies with more accurate medical imaging.'” (Hunka 2011:1)

Last Updated August 18, 2016