Body of the dung beetle reduces soil ahesion via non-smooth surface morphology.

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"The adhesion forces of soil, which exist when soil is in contact with a solid interface, often make troubles for soil engaging components of vehicles and machines, such as earthmovers, excavator-buckets and bulldozers, and result in the fall of power output. However, the phenomena of soil adhesion disappear when soil-burrowing animals move in soil. Soil animals' such excellent ability of anti-adhesion is partly resulted from their non-smoothness surface morphologies [5], for example, the morphological body surface of dung beetle is of non-smoothness or roughness in micro scales, as shown in Figure 1." (Collins 2004:218)

Design and Nature II: Comparing Design in Nature With Science and Engineering (Design and Nature) (Design and Nature, 6)June 9, 2004
M. W. Collins

Journal article
Design principles of the non-smooth surface of bionic plow moldboardJournal of Bionic EngineeringNovember 25, 2020
Ren, L; Deng, S; Wang, J; Han, Z

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