The chemical signaling system of milkweed defends against predators by use of terpene compounds

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“As the largest class of natural products, terpenes have a variety of roles in mediating antagonistic and beneficial interactions among organisms. They defend many species of plants, animals and microorganisms against predators, pathogens and competitors, and they are involved in conveying messages to conspecifics and mutualists regarding the presence of food, mates and enemies. Despite the diversity of terpenes known, it is striking how phylogenetically distant organisms have come to use similar structures for common purposes. New natural roles undoubtedly remain to be discovered for this large class of compounds, given that such a small percentage of terpenes has been investigated so far.” (Gershenzon 2007:408)

Journal article
The function of terpene natural products in the natural worldGershenzon, Jonathan; Dudareva, Natalia

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