Fibers of bamboo and trees provide toughness by their simple structure of fiber-reinforced composites

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"[I]t has been found that these natural biomaterials [bamboos and trees] have very reasonable structures which gives them many excellent properties, such as good carrying capacity, good toughness, self-healing, and so on. Furthermore, these biomaterials have very fine and special structures rather than complicated compositions...For example, trees and bamboos are typical long, fiber-reinforced composites. Their fibers have different sizes and arranged modes in structure so that they can display the optimal behaviors under tensile, bending, compressing stress and other applied load...So, the complicated and reasonable structure of natural biomaterials can give us an important insight into making better structure materials through biomimetic design." (Wang et al. 2000:9)

Journal article
Biomimetic structure design — a possible approach to change the brittleness of ceramics in natureMaterials Science and Engineering: CJuly 25, 2002
Chang-an Wang, Yong Huang, Qingfeng Zan, Hai Guo, Shengyou Cai

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