Some native plant species in wetlands have long-term persistence despite fluctuating water levels because they have long-lived seeds deposited in the soil seed bank.

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"In wetlands subject to large water-level fluctuations, most of the species in these wetlands have long-lived seed that can persist in their seed banks for decades. When these wetlands go dry, all of the emergent species become re-established simultaneously (van der Valk and Davis 1978). The long-term persistence of clonal emergent species in wetlands with fluctuating water levels is due to the presence of their seeds in seed banks of these wetlands." (van der Valk 2006:71)

The Biology of Freshwater Wetlands (Biology of Habitats)Oxford University PressMarch 24, 2012
Arnold G. van der Valk

Journal article
The role of the seed bank in the vegetation dynamics of prairie glacial marshesvan der Valk, A.G.; Davis, C.B.

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