Secretions of the greenbottle fly protects the larvae from bacteria via antibacterial peptides.

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"In conclusion, this preliminary investigation has shown that the secretions from L. sericata larva possess significant antibacterial activity against a range of Gram-positive microorganisms, including some clinically important strains of MRSA. The activity/activities in this secretion were considered to be of low molecular weight, highly stable and a systemic part of the larva. They possess several characteristics consistent with insect antibacterial peptides. All these features point to the possible presence of compounds within the larval secretions of L. sericata that could prove highly useful in the fight against MRSA and other nosocomial infections." (Kerridge et al. 2005:336)

Journal article
Antibacterial properties of larval secretions of the blowfly, Lucilia sericataMedical and Veterinary EntomologyAugust 30, 2005
A. Kerridge, H. Lappin-Scott, J. R. Stevens

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