The excretory system of the coast foam-nest treefrog prevents water loss by producing uric acid, which the frog wipes on its impermeable skin.

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"Loyeridge found that Chiromantis xerampelina from Rhodesia excretes uric acid and has evaporative water losses comparable to lizards. He also found that although they dehydrate very slowly, Chiromantis are able to rehydrate quickly…In vertebrates uricotelism has only evolved in organisms with a relatively impermeable skin. The amount of water conserved through uricotelism would in fact be of little significance to amphibians with a freely evaporative skin since evaporative water loss would far exceed the savings yielded by uricotelism. Therefore a uricotelic amphibian such as Phyllomedusa or Chiromantis xerampelina would be expected to have a mechanism of integumental impermeability." (Blaylock et al. 1976:294, 283)

Journal article
Skin Structure and Wiping Behavior of Phyllomedusine FrogsCopeiaApril 26, 2006
Lynn A. Blaylock, Rodolfo Ruibal, Kathryn Platt-Aloia

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