The members of bottlenose dolphin pods stun prey by emitting low-frequency sound waves.

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"More recent, but equally intriguing, is the discovery that dolphins may use not only very high- but also very low-frequency sound to stun their prey. In 2000, Dr. Vincent Janik of St. Andrews University in Scotland was studying bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Scotland's Moray Firth. He announced that they give voice to a distinctive low-frequency braying noise almost exclusively at feeding times. Since dolphins themselves are not sensitive to low sonic frequencies, Janik speculates that the dolphins emit these particular sound waves to stun their prey." (Shuker 2001:23)

The Hidden Powers of Animals: Uncovering the Secrets of NatureMarshall Editions Ltd.August 4, 2020
Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker

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