The mud nest of the white-winged chough is a sturdy home high in the trees, built using a jiggled-mud construction technique.

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"Closely related to the magpie lark are two other Australian birds of the open forest, the apostle bird and white-winged chough. They build substantially larger nests, weighing up to five pounds, located as much as fifty feet above the ground. But even these scaled-up versions of the adobe cup with their inch-thick walls are manufactured with the same jiggled-mud strategy that seems to be universal among birds that build with wet earth. But then vibration is a key feature in the insertion of twigs and grasses into conventional nests, so this may be a bit of behavioral recycling." (Gould and Gould 2007:185)

Animal Architects: Building and the Evolution of IntelligenceBasic BooksMarch 6, 2012
James L. Gould

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