Today’s challenges in public health and social equity put human communities under intense strain. What can we learn from how nature sustains other communities?

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Facing today’s physical and emotional challenges in public health and social equity, communities around the globe are feeling increased urgency to maintain and improve the connections that sustain them.

While the causes of and solutions to the underlying issues are in many ways uniquely human, there is much we can learn about sustaining community when we look at the rest of the living world. Nature has innovated through time to both create and support communities of all kinds and sizes. That’s not to say there’s no competition, predation, or give-and-take––just that a balance keeps the community as a whole sustainable over the long term. 

In the sampling of biological strategies below, get some insight into the ways nature sustains communities by connecting members with complementary needs and abilities, by dividing labor and sharing knowledge, and by employing various forms of leadership and social structure.

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