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Life on earth presents elegant solutions to many of the challenges that designers and innovators face every day. Explore AskNature to find biological strategies, inspired ideas, and resources relative to your own innovation challenges, so you can begin to emulate the time-tested forms, processes, and systems that already thrive in balance with Earth’s complex systems.


We’re looking for a new species of entrepreneur.

Apply by June 1, 2018 to get support to bring your early-stage biomimicry innovation to market.


How might we …

These phrases describe functions. A function, by definition, is the purpose of something. In the context of biomimicry, function refers to the roles played by a living system’s unique strategies that enable it to survive. Importantly, function can also refer to something you need your design solution to do.

A Biological Strategy is a characteristic, mechanism, or process that performs a function for an organism or other type of living system. It’s often an adaptation that helps the living system survive and thrive. AskNature’s primary mission is to map biological strategies and human’s inspired ideas to functions in a way that helps innovators like you learn valuable insights from the living systems that surround us.

Here are a few Biological Strategies to get you started …

From permaculture to Velcro® to winglets, humans have been looking to nature for inspiration for as long as we’ve been inventing. Inspired Ideas catalog the stories behind realized and conceptual product, service, and system components that have their roots in biology …

“Nature is constantly innovating, endlessly experimenting and ever reinventing itself in the face of new challenges.

From materials and products to business models, biomimicry offers a fresh lens for all the dreamers and doers remaking the man-made world.”

Angela Nahikian, Steelcase