Whether you’re building tools for underwater communication or finding new ways to map the cosmos, nature is ripe with practical inspiration. Ask Nature’s innovation database makes it easy to explore a variety of products and design solutions inspired by the natural world.

Featured Innovations

Building Material Inspired by Marine Sponges


Structural material from Harvard University has a diagonally‑reinforced square lattice structure that makes it strong and lightweight.

Passive Cooling System Inspired by Camels


Cooling system from MIT uses an evaporation‑insulation cooling design that eliminates power usage.

Chameleon crawling toward the viewer

Color‑Changing Film Inspired by Chameleon Skin

Sichuan University

Bio‑based film from Sichuan University is made of a combination of polymers and cellulose nanocrystals that makes it both color‑changing and flexible.

Camera for Capturing Polarized Light in Deep Space Inspired by Moth Eyes


HAWC+ from NASA is a telescope camera with small protuberances on the surface that increase light capture.

Underwater Acoustic Communication Inspired by Dolphins


S2C technology from EvoLogics helps to detect tsunamis earlier by maximizing transmission of underwater signals in turbulent water conditions.



Materials make up everything around us, from our bones to our buildings. Discover everything from self‑repairing concrete to bacteria‑resistant surfaces.



Uncover robotic technologies learned from nature’s most advanced functions, from the grip of an elephant’s trunk to the high‑speed vision of a fly’s eye.

UN Sustainable Development Goal:

Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation

UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.


Medical & Biotechnology

The fields of disease prevention and product development are ever‑evolving, primed for cutting edge solutions informed by nature’s building blocks. 


Renewable Energy

As we move toward a greener future, we can look to more sustainable and renewable sources of energy from the organisms that do it best.


Software & IT

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