Vortex Process Technology by Watreco shapes fluid flow to efficiently generate a well-defined vortex at a considerably lower pressure and flow.


  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Water treatment
  • Water tanks and storage
  • Ice rinks and arenas
  • Water aeration

UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

  • Goal 9: Industry Innovation & Infrastructure

The Challenge

Water treatment technologies are often composed of chemicals and/or detergents, which can be harmful to certain organisms. Many technologies also have many moving parts that are vulnerable to damage.

Innovation Details

Vortex Process Technology (VPT) has a unique shape that causes water to quickly swirl down an ever-tightening coil of channels, inspired by the way trout catch food in flowing water. This forces contaminants and/or air bubbles (depending on the application) into a column in the center of the swirling water. At the end of the process a vacuum quickly sucks this column out, leaving water with the desired properties behind.

Image: Watreco / Copyright © - All rights reserved

The vortex generator shapes the fluid flow in three stages: preformer, channels, and the vortex chamber. Photo: Watreco.

Biological Model

Trout have to swim in waters where the current can be quite strong. They often have to swim in place for a period of time, waiting for food to float by in the current. In order to hold steady, the trout opens its mouth and lets the water rush in. The water is forced into ever-tightening vortices as it passes through the gills and back into the current. This allows the trout to hold steady even in inconsistent or violent flows.