7vortex is an interactive graph database that helps create knowledge ecosystems.


  • Visual narratives


  • Systems thinking
  • Ecosystem mapping

UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

The Challenge

Traditional databases arrange data in rows, columns and tables. This limits the ability to see relationships between the data and gather meaningful insights.

Innovation Details

Unlike traditional databases, 7vortex has a flexible structure defined by interconnected relationships between knowledge records. These interactions help to create a more visual narrative that addresses the complexity of a system and helps to create a more integrative approach/strategy.


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Image: 7vortex / Copyright © - All rights reserved

The relationships (interactions) between knowledge records can be visually categorized in terms of the different energy exchanges. Photo: 7vortex.

Biological Model

Organisms within an ecosystem interact with one another in many different ways. These interactions play an important role in organism survival as well as the function of the ecosystem. Organisms can affect one another directly, through a shared resource, or indirectly. Some interactions are harmful to the organisms involved, whereas others provide benefits for one or both of the organisms.