Fruit flies recover their flight path after wind gusts and other disturbances with an automatic stabilizer reflex.


"Observing the aerial maneuvers of fruit flies, Cornell University researchers have uncovered how the insects -- when disturbed by sharp gusts of wind -- right themselves and stay on course. Fruit flies use an automatic stabilizer reflex that helps them recover with precision from midflight stumbles" (Science Daily 2010)

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Staying the course: fruit flies employ stabilizer reflex to recover from midflight stumbles

Journal article
Discovering the flight autostabilizer of fruit flies by inducing aerial stumblesProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesMarch 2, 2010
L. Ristroph, A. J. Bergou, G. Ristroph, K. Coumes, G. J. Berman, J. Guckenheimer, Z. J. Wang, I. Cohen

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Common Fruit FlyDrosophila melanogasterSpecies