Hairs of the cranefly repel water due to their microstructure and arrangement on wings and legs.

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"Water droplets placed on this insect’s [cranefly] wings will spontaneously roll off the surface. In addition, the insect can stand on water bodies without its legs penetrating the water surface. The legs and wings of this insect possess thousands of tiny hairs with intricate surface topographies comprising a series of ridges running longitudinally along the long axis of the hair fibre. Here we demonstrate that this fine hair structure enhances the ability of the hairs to resist penetration into water bodies." (Hu et al. 2011:915)

See Images from Hu et al. 2011

Journal article
Elementary principles in statistical mechanicsMonatshefte für Mathematik und PhysikJune 28, 2005

Journal article
Characterization of the nanocomposite laminate structure occurring in fish scales from Arapaima gigas

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Journal article
Non-wetting wings and legs of the cranefly aided by fine structures of the cuticleHu HMS; Watson GS; Cribb BW; Watson JA

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