Ants share information efficiently in their colony by having few ants engaged in most of the interactions while most ants engaged in few interactions.

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"Ant interactions were distributed heterogeneously in the chamber, with an interaction hot-spot at the entrance leading further into the nest. The distribution of the total interactions per ant followed a right-skewed distribution, indicating the presence of highly connected individuals...Computer simulations demonstrate that variation among individuals in connectivity accelerates information flow to an extent equivalent to an increase in the total number of interactions. Individual variation in connectivity...creates interaction centres, which may expedite information flow." (Pinter-Wollman et al. 2011:1562)

Journal article
The effect of individual variation on the structure and function of interaction networks in harvester antsJournal of The Royal Society InterfaceApril 13, 2011
N. Pinter-Wollman, R. Wollman, A. Guetz, S. Holmes, D. M. Gordon

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