Leaves of the sensitive plant protect themselves from predators and environmental conditions by folding in response to touch.


“When the leaf is touched, it quickly folds its leaflets and pinnae and droops downward at the petiole attachment…The leaves also droop at night, and when exposed to rain or excessive heat. This response may be defenses against herbivorous insects, leaching loss of nutrients, or desiccation. The folds of different leaves are interconnected and compatible with each other, and the whole structure can be folded and unfolded from a single or multiple driving points.” (Patil 2007: 19-23)

Journal article
Study of the Geometry and Folding Pattern of Leaves of Mimosa pudicaJournal of Bionic EngineeringMay 23, 2017
H.S. Patil, Siddharth Vaijapurkar

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