Suctorial organs at the tips of special appendages on camel spiders serve multiple adhesive functions, including prey capture, via dry adhesion.

“Camel spiders have evolved a unique way to capture their insect prey.

“The arachnids catch insects by sticking to them, using adhesive patches on the ends of their pedipalps, tube-like organs on either side of their mouth…

“Some camel spiders are known to be able to use these organs to stick to, and climb, vertical surfaces such as walls, although it is unlikely they climb much in the wild, where they tend to cover sand and prefer to hide under rocks.

“Anecdotal observations have also suggested that they strike at or try to grasp prey with their mouthparts, but the action happens too fast to be certain about how they capture their victims.

“So Dr Rodrigo Willemart of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, US and colleagues based in Ireland and the UK decided to use high speed video to record the action.” (Walker 2010)

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Last Updated August 23, 2016