The secretions of some earthworms distract predators using bioluminescence.


"Dozens of earthworm species from all over the world can secrete a glowing slime, thought to startle predators. This particular worm, Diplocardia longa, is found in sandy soils in southern Georgia in the U.S. and can stretch to over half a meter in lengthIt turns out that chloragocytes—the cells in earthworms that produce the bioluminescent ooze are part of a system that sequesters toxins in the earthworm's body, much like a liver." (Hadhazy 2009)

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Earthworm bioluminescence: Characterization of high specific activity Diplocardia longa luciferase and the reaction it catalyzesBiochemistryMarch 8, 2005
Noel G. Rudie, Michael G. Mulkerrin, John E. Wampler

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