Ventral pelvic skin of tree frogs regulates water absorption using two types of water-channel aquaporins.

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"The ventral pelvic skin of the tree frog Hyla japonica expresses two kinds of arginine vasotocin (AVT)-stimulated aquaporins (AQP-h2 and AQP-h3), which affect the capacity of the frog's skin to absorb water. As such, it can be used as a model system for analyzing the molecular mechanisms of water permeability…" (Ogushi et al. 2010:288)

Journal article
Correlation between aquaporin and water permeability in response to vasotocin, hydrin and  -adrenergic effectors in the ventral pelvic skin of the tree frog Hyla japonicaJournal of Experimental BiologyDecember 28, 2009
Y. Ogushi, D. Kitagawa, T. Hasegawa, M. Suzuki, S. Tanaka

Journal article
Regulation of Water Absorption in the Frog Skins by Two Vasotocin-Dependent Water-Channel Aquaporins, AQP-h2 and AQP-h3EndocrinologyMay 27, 2003
Takahiro Hasegawa, Haruna Tanii, Masakazu Suzuki, Shigeyasu Tanaka

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